Robbie E. Hood

Robbie E. Hood, Atmospheric Scientist & Hurricane Expert

Robbie E. Hood, a direct descendent of John Ross, the first elected chief of the Cherokee Nation who led his people on the Trail of Tears, was the first permanent director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Unmanned Aircraft Systems Program. While Hood currently resides in Colorado, she spent much of her childhood in Neosho, Missouri and Picayune, Mississippi. In Picayune, she experienced the destruction of Hurricane Camille, which led to her eventual hurricane expertise, and saw tornadoes tear through Neosho in 1974, which further piqued her interest in weather.

Hood’s passions and areas of focus include research and development of technology to improve measurement capabilities, scientific collaboration, and intergovernmental partnership.

Hood credits her Native American heritage for her appreciation of diversity and the contributions of all people that benefit society.

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