Poet Laureate Joy Harjo

Pairs with the Following AP Lit. Objectives

CHR 1.A textual details and characterization . STR 3.C function of structure

STR 3.D function of contrasts , FIG 5.A literal vs figurative meaning

FIG 5.B words and phrases , FIG 5.C symbolism

FIG 5.D imagery , FIG 6.A simile

FIG 6.B metaphor , FIG 6.C personification

FIG 6.D allusion , Social applications: Native American, poet laureate

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Poet Laureate Joy Harjo
Member of the Muscogee Creek Nation in Oklahoma, Joy Harjo is the USA’s first Native American Poet Laureate. Her people were forced to leave their lands in the early 1800s. Two centuries later, Harjo returned to her homeland and dug into her history. She writes of the connection with her ancestors, their history, and her place in it. She was recently awarded a second stint as America’s Poet Laureate.

Further reading: www.joyharjo.com